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Earlier this yea, I made a children's book with my boyfriend. I had an concept and he helped me write and bring it to fruit. 
It is one of the biggest personal projects I have taken on, no matter how unsatisfied I may be of certain aspects of it now, I am still proud that I had done it. And now I want to move on and do the next thing, and do it even better! That's all we can ever hope for right?…

I hope those that have read it, enjoy it as much as I care for the subject of the story. 

We are never too small for the world. 
Please enjoy:

I would love to hear what you thought of it if you do end up watching it :) It is just a little under a minute and half.

That concluded my final year at Sheridan College's Animation Program. And, I couldn't have enjoyed it more.
Just note me.

Would really enjoy some quick fun doodle-ly doos,not much. Or otherwise serious gig only haha. Starting Price 20$
(Would love to use some of my dusting copics)

To see really what I have been up to and has not posted here: Btw, I am officially DONE School!
Or just comment for quick chat and catch up on how you guys been!
During free times of  doing my film (teaser here: ), me and few friends have been doodling pokemons for fun +_+ The original 150. Their stuff is all pretty awesome, so go check us out!

Muhaha..I would post mine here if I can ..maybe later? But they are all on Tumblr now, one image a day=D
I know I haven't been around for a while have you been?!

Just to show I am still alive...but loaded with school work, I upload a ..piece of school work. haha.

But I am off school now, and have more free time. I want to reopen commissions again for the summer=] Just because I haven't done it in a while and I kind of miss it, it's fun to do from time to time. So let's keep it loose,

8$ - 20$ Commissions Available. (More detailed and rendered work, note me for quote)
You note me info and what you want> I Agree upon it> I send you rough> You send me money (Paypal only), I finish it=]

8$- Rough but detailed cute-sy fullbody sketch
         or Regular style from waist-up to full body depending on your character.

20$- Choice inked character (rough sketch would still be underneath).
         or really detailed rough with location
         or cute-sy type character with quick color washes.

Double the character double the price etc.
If you state no preference for digital or traditional, most of time it's up to my creative freedom. I may do one or the other.

I ensure you that I always put effort into any of my work.
Hope everything is clear, note me if you aren't sure of anything. Or want more samples.

Thanks guys=]
Haha..I havn't posted in ages..but just wanted to ask those whoever is still out there..should I?

Anime Expo in LA this summer.
I am most likely going to be in Cali this summer for my co-op..might as will drop by?

Though I really don't have much new anime art haha.
I basically just want you to name things for me to draw.
Not your characters, but more cartoon characters, anime or comic or game, anyone!!!
So I can draw some quick little originals for sale for FX.

Since I left my box of keychains at school so, I basically have nothing to sell...xD Doesn't really matter anyways

Thanks guys <3
but as SLAVE.. yes.cough… here is where I will be lalala.So lazy, A182.

I hope I will see some of you there!!Tell me if you are going=D
Cuz that weekend I actually want to walk around and enjoy myself since my last Fan Expo(which was my first never racking con selling stuff ever),  I just pretty much sat there and didn't know what went on at Fan Expo...

I will bring some of my old stuff left overs to sell if anyone would even be interested..v_v ill stick stuff on to myself to advertise YARR..
And when I am sitting down I want to do commissions for fun hehehe+_+ Or just draw you guyss  for free..offer me yar facessss muhahaha.

(if all goes well.. I should just stuff rainie with my money now..hmmm)
SO, I was away from not only here, but my home for the past 2 month. First in Italy then another month in bunch of places in Italy. I did draw a lot in Italy, but mostly taking advantage of the fact that I am in Italy and doing more observational stuff. And my China trip was mainly for work reasons and I couldn't draw except immerse myself in the culture and surroundings. I hope at least some of it have sank. But I still feel like I haven't drawn at all for centuries. Anyways, you guys just really encouraged me, as well as being back on the net and seeing all my friends and classmates improve and working hard.

Seriously...A DD? I never thought I would be ever able to get one.

I guess ...I sort of still like my food I feel like I gotta continue it some more. But that's not really what I draw anymore, those are only for casual relaxing times. Hehe.  Anyhow though, still THANK YOU all soooo much for the attention and favs though, and watches! It's too much D: ! I hope you guys will still like my art whatever it becomes of.v_v I don't even know.

I will try and come back and upload some Italy stuff, or something. And after finishing my life businesses like getting a place to live and paying for tuition.v_v, and homework. I might be able to draw some commissions again, like how I planned anyways for my summer.


PS:I can't believe my last journal was so long ago and now half my summer is already passed. And still so much poop to do. no. well. all things I want to do badly. You should see my list.v_v
Ps: and why did I agree to some more violin lessons for myself? LOL
Just wondered on my own profile and just noticed that it was 30,000k exact! I just wanted to say thank you to all of my random viewers and watchers of my non deserving art here.v_v

Just finished my last assignment today (tomorrow's English presentation doesn't count=-= completely forgoten.Orz)
So,Winter Break is coming and I have a lot on my list to do..I originally wanted to open up some commissions but I still have to sort out my schedules first and make time for it. Since I haven't been around in so long. (Tell me if anyone is actually might be interested? and in what?)

Just checking in with one of my useless journals again.

Thanks again everyone<3

and Merry Christmas!
All my deviant messages and all the favs too..v_v because there was simply no way to go through all of them
[there was like close to 4000 of them stacked up since from hell knows when..Orz.v_v]
Butbut i will try from now on..with 0 messages right now it will be easier and less pressure.XD

Though I have to say sorry and thank yous to my fav-ers and watchers>< thank you so much!
Unless you guys want to see my school work...I really have nothing to update.
Hm..maybe I will.


School's busy as always. I just go missing on school days..yepyep

Hope you all are doing well :love:
and its been fun.o.o
especially just now when i finished a project.xD Just time to do more tommorow..
My laptop shall stay at school from now on basically i think=-= Since i work till so late and theres no point in bringing it back..
anyhow..Havnt been able to get through all my active messages either=( Thanks everyone whos here watching me and faving my old ugly drawings..D: that i have improved much now..anyhow....

See you guys soon! Hope y'all are enjoying your school/work/life and things like that=))

Before school starts....I need to force myself to start drawing again!=]

Remember the small Experimental Commissions I was doing before I went away and disappeared for a long time for the summer? I here shall continue them now! I doubt I can do much since time is limited. But again, I will be trying my bests to improve myself!!!………
Price: 10$ / 15$ for experiments with gouache or pencil crayons (Mailing fee is not included.
PS: was 5$. I will make sure these are epicer..well..not that any of those was epic..but uh..ya.xD lol.

I am also open to some Chibi Commissions since I havn't done them in a while, and they are nice little breaks.……
Price: 8$ / 12$ for experiments with gouache or pencil crayons
PS: There might be slight differences in style..but you can sort of specify which style you liked most out of my gallery. Size will be bigger then some of those=]

All the above are full colored=]
If sketch commissions are wanted, digital or pencil, reference my old commission journal:…
Samples for the gouache/pencil crayons traditional……
Samples for the digital/pencil…
PS: Man my samples are old....D:


Yep..lets hope there are some people that is willing to help push me in drawing bit more.D:

Note me with references and what you want!

Thanks :love:
that I am missing you guys >3<
I will be back up online in a matter of week or so..time goes faster then you imagine when you look back at it.but when you are in the moment of doing things you don't like....I still have to say its not as fast I would like it to..I wish I can go home tomorrow but that is not happening.

Anyways, soon..soon..soon happening...
And I will bomb you guys with my sketchbook pages that I have been filling up...quite not enough..too little!!Ack..I want to draw more. All the things that you wanted to months ago,promised yourself that you would do; sometimes it just doesn't happen when it comes to it eh? Because you never know what is going to happen next, what event of your life is about to happen, or just wasn't part of your mind when in the moment of procrastination.

If you are thinking of something that you want to do and is procrastinating and thinking that you will eventually do it.... Just a little warning for you;just a little reminder for you: Do it now!

Summer is running quick...maybe it is already over for you..but anyhow..time is still running.Ya still got time. Or whenever you do have time. Do it, while you can. Just Do it ;D

lol random journal XD
sorry for the lack of activeness..i have my little pile of Feedback messages to go through too to thank everyone.D:
but internet is just bad and i am too lazy to do so ...Orz
well i mean internet so slow is basically just wasting my time Orz

China process other websites slower...and it blocks facebook!D: my crops!and my hotel city!!Orz

coughcough anyways

ya =D

in chinaa for another 16 days yepp
But I learned my lesson..
and ya.This rant is about Anime North @_@

but year I am doing the same thing. If anything, even more original then fanart. dangit!I dont care if it doesn't sell I'm just going to print less and at a cheaper place. I am not about earning money through conventions anyways thank goodness.

And I will sell my old art cheappp..just because I want them get rid of and I don't like them as much by next year. Or hopefully! [Since I will be getting better =X hopefully! I better be!]
But that would require me to have alot more merch..;xD aha

[but I will continue my food seriesss>O!! a few more every year
and and my tiny fan art keychains]

It was fun sort of
I wish I had walked around a bit more..xD;; So the admission fee was atleast more worth it lol, and can be taken out of my expenses..but nah.xD lol...Spent too much time working on little cheap commissions.

And.ya..I suppose if I try to just draw more for fun..but in good resolutions..I can make some nice small convention merch off them.>O and lol..less anime for now..;;xD kind of sick of looking at them..and my own chibi styles LOL

I am determined..>_______<!!!

Freaking tired and mad at myself and and wish time can go back?D:

I LOVE YOU GUYS.T-T for liking my art!!!!I will get betterrr!!!!

and for the people who bought my prints..>.< I love you all too!![especially those who bought my originals drawings instead of fan art..its a great encouragement]
and those who took my name cards
Its much appreciated that you think my art isn't toooo bad lol!

I want to do one per day! Single character post card sizes resolution just something quick and painterly. I will practice different things each time I think. Concept,lighting,cg,rendering areas.etc..

PSS: well okey.Cant do one perday..for sure since im going to China, go on trips and all that jazz.XD but ya..commission me?xD Ill work on them first come first serve..

and who want to be my first sheep?>.<I have really no sample right now..D: example = my gallery?

If the first person think its not worth it I will pay you back completely.

If i end up taking longer to work on them and they turn out okey..I might raise the price lol

METHOD: PAYPAL. Payment first to

TODAY's person: Indianakat
tommorow tommorow?lolxD

i dont want to advertise me if you are interested please<3 or comment
I cant wait till it gets here!! Mainly cuz that just mean I will be done with this work load for abit and take a little break. lol. And of course, it will be tons of fun!!>//< yepyep. Whatever I do get done...v_v
Damn I so want to do a continuation of my food series but i dont know if i ll have time D: That over fanart characters right?right right.

And you know what i just realized..we are at table E10..andand!!Its like my name!haha
easy to remember right? find me at E10=D

My second convention=3 but..better prepared then the last but still..will be a very empty table..lolxD

map..i am too lazy to make my own since my subscription died anyways>.> Check out…
that minjii has kindly put up=)

E10!! like Elaine 10.xD ahaa;;;

and of course i am with my dear friend crystalhavens

PS: hey..i dont hate this da v7 change=/
if it is loading slowly for you guys..i can imagine how that would suck.D:
but i am really digging how the deviations are displayed now..without the boarder it seems alot neater and better space=)

then again.i have a small if you have a big screen..i dont know how thats like.xD

Just throw me anime titles!!

Journal Entry: Mon May 10, 2010, 2:59 PM

Titles Titles

Literally=D From Popular today to Classics of Yesterday=) The first titles coming out of your head ;D

journal WIP..=3

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 27, 2010, 8:06 PM

ew so ugly

ya..i liked the original feel better..the one on the right..hope when i color things will change slightly

ignore the perspective mistakes..i wanted the feel to be like that=-=;; more so the one on the right where i scribbled the whole thing..instead more carefully drawn out on paper on the left.

i cant say i put allloot of effort into this..but many hours was put..but then again that was cuz of how non productive of a mood i am feeling right now..o_o i think part of it is caused by the environment [sitting on carpet and using a tiny table to draw on tablet?] and how tired i still am...and sickness...Orz but..i guess.....if ANY suggestions imma take it on!!!

PS: ouch..i could have done that lineart much is rough even though u cant see it..but ya..quicker and rougher lineart was what i wanted to try for this piece..o_o some new style thing...but boo i m not use to working so big..and now that i am slightly attached to this already done linear..its gonna take me a bit to dump it out by overlapping on top of it again..okey..I MMA GO SHOWER AND GET IT ALL OUT

PSS: but i am seriously burning right now..o_o i think i do have a fever not kidding.....o___o

PSSS:it is that kiriban im suppose to do along time ago btw...its of sailor Uranus and sailor Neptune..if you cant tell..which is probably the case..LOL

EDIT:!! mistakes i see already
i need to fix the structure of all the two feet in the center..the arm thats falling off sofa..eye directions

another free soul here

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 26, 2010, 11:58 AM

You will see too much of me!muhahaa

Just like all those college kids out there..I am another one here screaming for freedom!!BOOYA

As you learned from my last journal, i am attending anime north this year=) there fore.lots of artworks need to be squeezed out of me within a month..i dont know how well i will do yet..Its been AGES since I drew anime..Orz Just look forward to it guys..

ps:first thing on the list..kiriban picture that was given 23weeks ago that i did start but might as well abandon the sketch alltogether and do it again.xD see if i have improved at all+_+PS: dont expect too much interms of cg since i have not done that almost at all=-=

Yep.other then that..expect lots of poll soon and maybe finally some journal with pictures of things i have done so far=D

Oh ya...commisions..o_o i am almost tempted to open it since its been closed for so long.T_T think i should draw more merchandises for now..Maybe later yepyep=D

so..officially..I AM BACK HELL YA.>D